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You Partner. We Build & Scale You A Sustainable E-Commerce Asset

We do all the work. You get all the ownership. Join 500+ profitable clients and let us build you a passive income driving business on Amazon & Walmart that starts generating sales for you in less than 120 days.

And within 24–36 months, you can expect to own a long-term and sustainable ecommerce business 
*Results may vary

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Let Our 400+ E-Commerce Pros Build, Manage & Scale You An E-Commerce Business Asset With  Contractually Guaranteed Performance + Inventory Sell-Through Guarantees

Please see contract for ROI guarantee conditions


The Ascend team consists of 400+ seasoned e-commerce professionals with over a decade of experience in tech, logistics & operations. We’ve seen it all & generated over 75 million or revenue.

With a performance mindset and a hybrid distribution model that’s been proven to generate growth with over 500 clients — we’re confident

So confident, in fact, that we guarantee your ROI via contract during our partnership, or we will buy back your business from you for the difference.

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Own An Amazon FBA Asset That's Sustainable Long-Term And Highly Competitive

Stake your claim & dominate as an Amazon Seller when we deploy our unique hybrid model, advanced infrastructure, and proprietary product sourcing strategies. We’ve used this model to build, operate, and scale more than 400 successful Amazon FBA businesses to-date.


Break Into The Ecommerce Investing Opportunity Of The Decade: Walmart WFS

WFS is the little-known ecommerce investment opportunity of this decade. With less than 200,000 marketplace sellers and a $14 billion e-commerce program — we’ll create you a business in an unflooded market with millions in untapped opportunities.

With 500+ Happy  Clients. Partnering With Ascend Gets You More Than Just "Ecommerce Automation"

When building Ascend, our founders, Will & Jeremy, saw the opportunity to take brilliant data-driven strategy and turn it into something that serves our clients much more than that.


We’re focused on you. Your performance. Your ROI. Your experience. Your access to transparency. And your ownership. We’re here to build you something that grows in value and stands the test of time.

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You Can Visit Our Logistic Centers & Office In Person. We Take Transparency Seriously

We have an open-door policy for both of our warehouse facilities and our offices. 


Come learn about high-frequency reselling in-depth and see our process for efficient prep, distribution, and ecommerce automation anytime.

Expect A Sustainable E-Commerce Investing Strategy With Clear Timelines And Predictable Growth

Phase 1

As we work to onboard you for success, you can expect to have these things done by the end of month 3:


1. Your store live

2. Your first few active products listed

3. A working capital strategy set

4. Full business backend setup

Phase 2

This is when your investment starts to gain some traction  From Here We:


- Get an overview of our margins that will sustain your business for the long term. 


- Our analysts & experts work to build on first few sales to compound success and gain traction towards  revenue targets.

Phase 3

After we hit our monthly revenue target, we'll discuss additional options to accelerate your business. 


This includes expanding to new platforms, additional private label products, and increased business credit options.

And we'll walk you through the process.

Maximize Your Passive Income Investments With 3 Sourcing Models Using Our Hybrid Infrastructure

We use 3 effective distribution models to diversify how you sell. This can boost your margins by up to 30%, increase volume of sales with wholesaling strategies, and break into untapped profits with powerful high-frequency reselling.


Easily Boost Business Growth With High Frequency Reselling And Guaranteed "No-Hassle" Platform Compliance

Stay compliant with seller platforms without ever lifting a finger. We guarantee your compliance with an advanced distribution model for reselling.

Just relax, knowing that your business operates under the umbrella of our proven infrastructure and distribution network.


Speak To An Expert Who Can Help You Evaluate This E-Commerce Income Investment Strategy

Gain access to our proprietary infrastructure and hybrid distribution model proven to replace traditional investments.

Meet Our Leadership With Decades Of Experience In E-Commerce Growth, Amazon Automation, Walmart Automation, And Much More

Will Bast

Co-Founder & CRO 

With 10+ years experience in tech, e-commerce & business strategy, Will has been an integral part of innovate growth for multiple companies prior to Ascend Ecom

We Get It. Smart Investors Have Questions. We Won't Leave You Hanging

If you have a question we didn't answer or are looking for more information....

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