The Leading Digital Asset Managment Company Proven To Take Your Investment To New Heights

Ascend Ecom is trusted by over 500 clients looking to tap into the multi-trillion dollar E-Commerce industry & diversify their portfolios.

We'll build, manage & scale passive income driving businesses on Amazon & Walmart seller platforms, generating ROI & asset appreciation that rival other investment opportunities.

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Equip Yourself With The Most Capable Firm In E-Commerce, Offering an ROI Guarantee.



That's right, we guarantee your ROI, or we will buyback your business from you. Our hybrid distribution model is leveraged by a growing network of 500+ clients. Each client relationship is focused on quality, performance, and transparency. 


The Ascend team consists of 400+ seasoned e-commerce professionals with over a decade of experience in tech, logistics & operations. We generated over 75 million in revenue for our clients. .

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Sustainable Investment Model Using The World's Largest Marketplace

We've built, operated, and scaled more than 400 Amazon FBA businesses using our unique hybrid model, advanced infrastructure, and proprietary product sourcing strategies.


Data-Driven, Fully Sustainable, And Lucrative Using WFS

With less than 200,000 marketplace sellers and a $14 billion e-commerce program, WFS has become a prime investment opportunity.


Partnering With Ascend Gets You More Than Just "Automation"

E-commerce makes up 14-16% of the global retail market, projecting to be upwards of 95% by 2040 (NASDAQ).  And with any emerging industry, there are bad players in the space.

When building Ascend, our founders Will & Jeremy saw the opportunity to combine transparency & true experience with their expertise in E-Commerce. 

Our foundation is built on ethics and data driven strategies.

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You Can Visit Our Logistic Centers & Office In Person

We have an open-door policy for both warehouse facilities and our offices.  

Learn about high-frequency reselling in-depth and see our process for efficient prep, distribution, and automation.

Expect A Sustainable Investment Strategy With Clear Timelines

Month 1-3

As we work to onboard you for success, you can expect to have these things done by the end of month 3:


1. Your store live

2. Your first few sales

3. A working capital strategy set

4. Full business backend setup

Month 3-6

This is when your investment comes to fruition.  From Here We:


- Get an overview of our margins that will sustain your business for the long term. 


- Our analysts & experts work to improve performance to hit our target revenue 

Month 6-24 & Beyond

After we hit our monthly revenue target, we'll discuss additional options to accelerate your business. 


This includes expanding to new platforms, additional private label products, and increased business credit options.

And we'll walk you through the process.

Leverage The Power Of 3 Distribution Models Using Our Hybrid Infrastructure

Our business is built on a foundation of logistics, wholesale distribution, and e-commerce automation.

Moving forward, we'll continue to increase access to investors as the E-Commerce market expands by double digits over the next 10 years.

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High Frequency Reselling Exclusive To Ascend Clients

We guarantee platform compliance with an advanced distribution model for reselling.

Your business will operate under the umbrella of our proven infrastructure and distribution network, so you can guarantee compliance.

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Speak To An Expert Who Can Help You Evaluate This Investment Strategy

Gain access to our proprietary infrastructure and hybrid distribution model proven to replace traditional investments.

Meet Some Of Our Leadership

Will Basta

Co-Founder & CRO 

With 10+ years experience in tech, e-commerce & business strategy, Will has been an integral part of innovate growth for multiple companies prior to Ascend Ecom


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