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Our Amazon Business Model is AI Data-Driven, Innovative, and Fully Managed by Us, For You.

We have built, operated and scaled over 300 Amazon FBA businesses with our unique hybrid model and proprietary research and fulfillment strategies. 

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Diversify Your Investment Portfolio With a Sustainable Cash-Flowing Digital Asset

Let your money work for you.

Digital Real Estate

An Amazon FBA Business is an appreciating digital asset which can be worth anywhere from 3-10X your annual revenue after 24 months.

Fully Automated

Custom product research, logsitics and operations team that runs the business for you, so you don't have to work

Passive Income

A whole new source of passive income, and an opportunity to diversify your investments

Wholesale/Private Label/Online Arbitrage

A fully sustainable  business model from day 1, so you don't have to be concerned about TOS risks.

We Are Confident In Our Model. We Offer A Buyback Guarantee On Your Investment If we Don't Produce 100% ROI.


You've obviously heard of Amazon before, but did you know that you can also use Amazon to earn serious money?


We're talking at least five figures per month in profit!


FBA stands for 'Fulfillment By Amazon', which is a method that Amazon uses to supply orders to Amazon Prime customers.


However, Amazon doesn't make the products themselves.


Amazon simply stores those products from various sellers, in an Amazon Warehouse, from where the orders get shipped to customers.


That's where we come in.


Ascend Ecom's unique business model uses proprietary software, AI driven research and exclusive wholesale relationships to procure products from carefully selected North American brands and manufacturers, and sell them on Amazon through the Amazon FBA model. We implement 3 separate product sourcing strategies to increase value of your business and capitalize on the market potential. 


Amazon FBA Automation businesses generate over $100,000 in revenue per month on fully scaled stores!




Get Yourself The Amazon Seller Advantage by Partnering With Ascend Ecom


Amazon Approved

Amazon FBA is 100%  approved by Amazon. You will be a valued seller to their marketplace.


Prime Customers

Get access to Amazon Prime customers through Amazon FBA, and increase your sales!

Secure Investment

Have the confidence knowing your investment is growing with the worlds #1 online retailer and is backed by an investment guarantee from Ascend Ecom.


100% Automated

Our proprietary automation process means you don't have to do any work!

Did You Know?

Clients with the right working capital hit up to six figure monthly revenues within 12-16 months.

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Check our numbers. The results do the talking...

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Get The Attention Your Investment Deserves Only With Ascend Ecom

We take pride in our streamlined process and experience..

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