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  • Beneficial Tips to Choose the Best Amazon Automation Services For Your Business

    Are you looking for a way to grow your business to the next level? If yes, you may think ofthe best professional Amazon automation services. This is true that there are many different options available, but this is also true that only some of them are created equal. So how will you then choose the best option for your business? Here are some beneficial tips to help you choose the best Amazon Automation services: Why Consider Amazon Automation Services? The eCommerce business platform Amazon is known for providing good opportunities to many people. During the starting phases, operating the transaction is more accessible. But it may become complicated in the later stages due to increased business. Managing too many transactions manually takes work. The repetitive transactions must be delegated to a third party or software to reduce the workload. Such a type of automation is referred to as Amazon automation. The Amazon automation business has successfully provided the best fulfillment Services For Ecommerce. Amazon Automation services leverage their vendors to focus on their business development and management rather than spending time on regular repetitive tasks. Amazon automation is a good concept and has proved itself worthy. However, since it is all about the services through software or third party, hence it becomes important that the service providers remain honest throughout the process. Therefore, you are free to select the third-party service provider only after confirming that they can handle the task properly. Effective tips for choosing the best amazon automation services are: 1. Transparency The service provider should keep everything clear and transparent. They must disclose the complete details about the software and the price charged in case of an alteration or replacement, etc. The vendor must provide proper guidance at every step regarding appropriate software usage. If the vendor is less aware of the software, they might get irritated with it, which could also make them feel cheated. If the vendor is provided with third-party service, the service provider should clarify each detail about their service charges if they offer any consultation. In this manner, the vendor choosing the service can also compare two or more service providers' profiles and make an appropriate selection per requirement and budget. 2. Consider Reviews When people express their personal opinions and thoughts, they are reviews. They are generally provided based on the experience of that specific person. Therefore, when considering choosing Amazon's FBA automation service, they prefer looking for the reviews their existing clients give. This is considered a good option when choosing any product or service. Usually, it is expected that if reviews are positive, the services are good. But complete dependence on reviews is also not suggested. Sometimes, reviews may reveal the usage of the product also. Therefore, by going through those reviews, the vendor can learn how to use the product. 3. Understand the Benefit Period Amazon automation is a good investment for the long term. So, the vendor should have patience after purchasing Amazon automation services. The benefit of the asset may be experienced after a long wait. For example, when software is installed, the person using the software might face a lot of problems due to a lack of technical knowledge. The one using the software will gain expertise and achieve benefits as the work goes on smoothly. Keeping patience is the only option when analyzing the long-term benefits of Amazon automation services. Conclusion It is normal to get overwhelmed when you seek automation services on Amazon. It will require research and consideration before deciding which service will suit your business needs. Here is some advice given in short that will help you understand the process more effectively. First, ask yourself what type of assistance with fulfilling orders you require. If you want someone else to manage the shipping or order picking, then an Amazon FBA automation (fulfillment by amazon) is the best option. However, if there is something specific that you would like to incorporate, like labeling products or packing individual items into boxes with things like bubble wrap, for such specific demands or certain related queries connect with Ascend Ecom.

  • How to Choose the Best Amazon Automation Services for Your Business?

    Selling on Amazon is a great way to make money and boost business. However, beginners and small businessmen often feel nervous about starting an Amazon business because of a lack of experience or budget. This is where Amazon automation services can help. It is a technology-based business approach that helps sellers run and grow their Amazon stores. But, one should be very careful while choosing the services as it is important to find a partner who can meet your expectations. In this blog post, we'll share how you can find the best Amazon automation services for your business. Important Tips to Choose the Best Automation Services Keep the following tips in mind while hiring the Amazon FBA automation services for the best results – Reviews Reviews represent the subjective viewpoints of individuals. They are given based on the concerned person's experience. Therefore, it makes sense to take customer feedback into account while choosing Amazon automation services. If the reviews are positive, you can rely on the service confidently. The sellers can acquire a thorough understanding of the products and services by reading the reviews. However, complete reliance on customer reviews is also not good. Transparency The service provider must offer all relevant information regarding the software, including the cost of any changes or replacements. The seller should be given step-by-step instructions on how to use the program properly. When sellers are not aware of the benefits and utility of the software and services, they feel cheated. In the same way, when sellers hire third-party services, the service provider should be transparent about the extent of their offerings and any associated fees. In this case, the sellers selecting the service can compare the profiles and pricing of two or more service providers and choose the best option according to their needs and budget. Benefit Period Over time, Amazon automation turns out to be a wise investment. Therefore, the sellers investing in Amazon automation services should wait till they can get benefit from the asset. For example, users may encounter numerous issues with the software at the beginning because of a lack of technical understanding. However, as time goes on, the person using it develops competence and gains expertise for smooth operation, which results in incredible benefits. So, sellers should learn about the services before hiring and maintain patience to enjoy the significant benefits. Why Choose Ascend Ecom? When you look for Amazon FBA automation services, you will find various options. But, remember, not all of them are created equally. You will have to conduct some research and consider various important factors to find the best services for your business needs. You can also count on Ascend Ecom to get yourself the Amazon seller advantage. Our Amazon business model is AI data-driven, innovative, and fully managed by us. We have built, operated, and scaled over 300 Amazon FBA businesses with our unique hybrid model and fulfillment strategies. Schedule a free consultation!

  • Why You Should Diversify Your Investments

    The pandemic and the ensuing economic recession have amplified concerns about making risky investment decisions. As entrepreneurs and investors, maximizing growth opportunities is always a priority, even in the most uncertain circumstances. Diversification of your investment portfolio is an excellent way to do that. But, how exactly should you do it, and what assets should you invest in? Let’s take a look at the most-invested assets, why you should reconsider, and the best investment option right now. Usual Investment Assets Are Threatened The first thing investors, both big and small, would prioritize are real estate and stocks, including crypto. However, while these assets are excellent for the long term, you also have to consider where you’re going in the short run. For example, a recession will negatively affect the prices of commodities like oil and groceries. Consequently, other assets like stocks and housing will be negatively affected. This event makes them less viable to invest in, at least for investors looking to have a steady flow of income, recession or not. Let’s explore real estate and stocks in more detail in this section. How the Recession Is Affecting Real Estate Everybody knows how real estate fares during a recession. House prices will rise, loan defaults abound, and real estate prices will be unsustainable. That’s how it usually, especially from our recent experience with the Great Recession from 2007 to 2009. But is there any difference right now due to COVID19? The data shows there’s none. Real estate is suffering and is projected to slow down in the coming years. Mortgage levels are consistently higher than in the pre-pandemic era, reaching as high as 5.3%. Comparatively, levels in December 2020 were only at 2.68%. As a seller, this should be a good thing, right? Well, not really. Even if prices are stoked by high demand and low inventory, many homebuyers are sitting on the sidelines, waiting for the prices to go down. This means it’s harder to sell a home at the moment since most homebuyers are sensitive to the prices in the housing market. Crypto and Stocks Are Not Safe Either So, why not invest in stocks and crypto? Like real estate, these assets are long-term in nature, meaning you have to ride out the storm before seeing any returns. If you have the capital to do that, then feel free to invest in them. However, most investors don’t have that luxury. For crypto and stock traders, the outlook doesn’t look so good. For instance, cryptocurrencies like the Ether and Bitcoin plunged big time recently. According to one analyst, Etherium will further go down to USD700-800. Bitcoin, the most famous crypto, will also be at a new low of $13,000. Currently, the stock market is projected to crash by another 20% if the US enters a recession. Similarly, S&P could further dip by 23%. What Does This All Mean? These are just recent data, but they all reflect a trend that these assets go to when there’s a recession: unreliable and risky. It’s critical to find resilient assets and bring income even with a recession. One such asset is an online business or eCommerce. The growing trend of enterprises transitioning online signals that this is the future of investment and that you should dip your resources into them. Why E-Commerce Is a Viable Investment Option Right Now During the pandemic, many businesses closed because of the lack of foot traffic in their physical stores. To adapt, eCommerce grew in popularity to keep their income streams stable. ECommerce is excellent at ensuring a steady flow of income in the short run and as a long-term asset for your business. These are three reasons why you should do the same and invest in building your eCommerce business: Stays Open No Matter the Situation As we said, eCommerce stores can stay open, even if your city is locked down. And this is not only limited to the pandemic era. Even before, entrepreneurs have leveraged online channels to sell their products. Now that most people can’t go out of their homes or discover the wonders of online shopping, they’re currently using E-Commerce now more than ever. And you don’t have to worry about store hours since you can program your stores to serve customers 24/7. That’s a great way to boost sales even if you’re not operating your business. In fact, 14.1% of retail purchases are done online, with over 1.92 billion buyers surfing eCommerce stores today. Retail purchases are projected to grow even further to 24.5% by 2025. If you’re looking for the best eCommerce platforms, you should try out Amazon and Walmart. They have the best presence in the market and are typically preferred by online shoppers. To illustrate. Amazon has a 56.7% market share of US eCommerce sales, while Walmart is steadily increasing its sales. It Is the Future of Shopping E-Commerce is thriving. Retail eCommerce, in particular, is showing more than promising signs of growth. In 2014., this market segment was only valued at USD1.3 trillion. In 2021, the value rose to a whopping USD4.5 trillion. As we said, most people are growing fonder of online shopping, which is also reflected in retail. 56.9% of clothing purchases are made through eCommerce stores, and studies show that it’ll only increase in the coming years. And it’s not a shocker since online businesses can position themselves in multiple ways instead of just one point of sale in a single physical store. Moreover, E-Commerce stores are the preferred mode of shopping by millennials. According to Statista, a whopping 67% of millennials prefer shopping online than anywhere else. E-Commerce is slowly becoming the market in that everyone should have a presence. This is even though there are slowdowns in other sectors such as real estate and crypto trading. If there’s a resilient sector that wants to invest in, eCommerce is an excellent choice. It’s where people with the power to buy are going into. You Can Easily Measure Your Performance Being an investor is tricky. You need to know several relevant information first before making an investment decision. This is the reason why eCommerce is such an excellent option. E-Commerce gives owners and investors ample opportunity to measure the success of their investments. And you can easily track them down with relevant software that eCommerce platforms like Amazon and Walmart readily provide. Some metrics you should look out for are: Number of purchases Times a product is viewed Payment methods used Purchase locations Unlike most investment assets, eCommerce metrics are easily accessible wherever you go. You can just log in to your platform’s dashboard and see how your store performs. Other investments don’t have this convenience. Most of the time, you’ll have to rely on market reports that take weeks to finish, which can severely delay making timely investment decisions in your portfolio. Invest in E-Commerce With Ascend Today Are you ready to diversify your investment portfolio? With a slowing economy and volatility of real estate, crypto, and stock trading, it’s recommended to look for alternative investment options. These options will bring in the much-needed additional income streams that will get you by even in a recession. Building your own Amazon and Walmart stores have never been this easy! At Ascend, we promise a high level of partnership experience. Schedule a call with us, and we’ll happily help you start your eCommerce investment journey. References:,recession%2C%20but%20it%20is%20expected.'s%20estimated%20there,as%20a%20surprise%20to%20you.

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  • Walmart Fulfillment Automation Services| Ascend Ecom

    Our Walmart Business Model is Data-Driven, Sustainable and Fully Managed by Us, For You. With under 100,000 Marketplace sellers and a 14 billion dollar e-commerce initiative by Walmart HQ, it's is a ripe opportunity for establishing a profitable business using their WFS ( Walmart Fulfillment Services) program with Ascend Wholesale/ OA product strategy. SCHEDULE A FREE CONSULTATION Book a free strategy call with one of our team members today to learn more about this unique opportunity. SCHEDULE A FREE CONSULTATION Our Walmart Business Model is Data-Driven, Lucrative, and Done for You . Digital Real Estate A Walmart WFS Business is an appreciating digital asset which only has 200K sellers at the moment. Fully Automated Custom product research, logistics and operations team that runs the business for you, so you don't have to work Passive Income A whole new source of passive income, and an opportunity to diversify your investments Wholesale/Online Arbitrage A fully sustainable business model from day 1, so you don't have to be concerned about TOS risks. Our Walmart Automation Services We will take the driver's seat in building, launching, operating and scaling you a revenue driving Walmart store. We handle the following: Onboarding process LLC, EIN, DUNS, W9 support Tax exemptions in all 50 states Website creation Backend store setup on the Walmart platform Product research, analysis, and product listings Order processing and repricing Inventory management Sending of SKUs to Walmart for return exemption Confirmation of shipping and tracking Management of claims and chargebacks Processing and handling infringement claims SCHEDULE A CONSULTATION Our Enhanced Walmart Strategy Is Safe, Effective And Sustainable Speak directly with one of our founders over a free consultation call Check our numbers. The results speak. Consultation Walmart Are You Ready? If you are looking to invest in this opportunity and learn more, please setup an introductory call with us to see if there’s a fit. We want to learn about you and your goals. We are curating a community of like-minded investors, so we take every investor interest very seriously. This will require a minimum $20,000 with working capital. BOOK A FREE INTRODUCTION CALL

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